The Monteroso farm (500 hectares) is located in the region Marche they grow the most ancient and noble variety of Farro " Triticum Dicoccum" known as " Il Farro delle Marche", a must in the Mediterranean diet owing to its richness of nutritional factor.

The farm in cooperation with Cermis of Macerata has selected a seed , patented whit the Ministry of Agriculture under the name " Monterosso Select", which is just perfect for the production of pasta, being the ancestor of hard wheat (durum).

Monterosso has always strived to air ancient traditions with technological innovationskeeping watch on all manufacturing steps to offer the market a typical production with high quality standars.Respect of the land and of nature have enabled Monterosso to receive many domestic and international recognitions.

The farm is certified by Suolo e Salute for the biological production.

Traceability of the product is the base of the Monterosso value which well informed and scrupulous consumers do perceive.Monterosso has a close relationship with the Department of food industry and technology of the Agrarian Faculty of the University of Ancona (DIBIAGA) which supervises research and tests on theproduct from the point of view of its contents and nutritional healthy values.

The Monterosso specialities obtained with 100% Farro flour are : spaghetti, pennette, riccioli, orecchiette, conchigliette, lasagne and tagliatelle as well Pearl Farro Crushed Farro and Farro flour.

The Monterosso Farro has been recognized as typical product of the Marche Region.